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          The South Sound Crew is the Tacoma charter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.  SSC was founded on December 12th 2008 and was the first charter of the Iron Order MC in Washington State. We were founded by a group of men looking for Brotherhood and to build a strong family and fellowship of like minded individuals.


          Members come from a myriad of lifestyles, from the type of work they do, to the size of their families and their overall life experiences.  Founded on the concept that seeking fellowship with like minded people should be something desirable and bring positive energy into your life; We do not believe in drama or games and have zero tolerance for people with hidden agendas or who are incapable of being there to support their brothers. As a charter, all members share a passion for motorcycles and riding throughout not only the Northwest, but the whole USA when time and opportunity presents itself. While this was the catalyst that brought us together, it was the shared values and demonstrated love and respect for each other that elevated them into membership in South Sound Crew


          We look forward to sharing time together on the open road, the local bar, and especially the family BBQ with every member.  Members do not share political or religious commonality. They represent a wide spectrum on many controversial topics but we are not only respectful of each others beliefs, we enjoy the fact that this diversity in opinion on such issues leads to incredible discussion with everyone learning and growing together.  When you truly respect and trust someone with 100% reciprocation, the joy and support it brings to your life is immeasurable.

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